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Wall Street Giants

Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute  By Mark Gongloff/ Huffington Post/ March 6, 2013 When the Attorney General of the United States admits some banks are simply too big to prosecute, it might be time … Continue reading

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The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions A new PBS Frontline report examines a profound failure of justice that should be causing serious social unrest By Glenn Greenwald/ The Guardian/ January 23, 2013       … Continue reading

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No Justice From the Justice Dept.

Wall Street Has No Worries – Obama and Holder Are Shooting Blanks by Arlen Grossman “Why Can’t Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice?” ask Peter Boyer and Peter Schweizer in Newsweek this week. It’s a question a lot of Americans are … Continue reading

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What’s In the Patriot Act? You Don’t Need to Know

Senators terrified with abuse of Patriot Act’s secret laws RT.com/ March 16, 2012 Horrified with the way the US government uses the Patriot Act against its own people, two senators have been trying to make these practices public for years. … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: We Don’t Have to Follow Any Stinking Fifth Amendment!

“This is a monumental pile of crap that should embarrass every Democrat who ever said an unkind word about John Yoo.” Charles Pierce/ Politics Blog/ Esquire.com/ March 5, 2012 Pierce (author of Idiot America) was reacting to a speech by … Continue reading

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