On the Road to Fascism


Random Thoughts During the Final Days of Democracy

By Arlen Grossman

Could this finally be rock bottom for the GOP? (we all know it isn’t) House member depicts killing of colleague but the Republicans don’t have a problem with it. But vote against party leadership on a policy issue? That deserves harsh condemnation. Republicans have no shame.

Does Democratic leadership and Biden justice deptartment have the cajones to fight the GOP insurrection on so many fronts? The answer is far from clear at this point. Republicans are playing hardball, unafraid of anything and willing to do everything possible (legally and illegally) to regain power. Democrats are nice, fair, and unwilling to rock the boat. Dems will get eaten alive by the GOP unless they match the intensity and hardheadedness of the opposition party. Maybe Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are too old and need to be replaced by fearless younger progressives? I think so.


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