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Something may be amiss immediately blaming Syrian government for Sarin gas attack

By Dave Lefcourt/OpEdNews/April 5, 2017


Here we go again. The horrific sarin gas attack in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib Province, Syria on Monday killing a reported 58 people including women and children was immediately blamed on the Syrian Arab Army of President Bashar al-Assad by “Western leaders including President Trump,” [1] before any independent investigation had begun and before conclusive evidence was established as to the perpetrators of this crime. But what else is new.

Doesn’t this sound similar to the sarin gas attack in August 2013 where the Assad government was immediately blamed by the US? Yet a subsequent UN Mission Report confirmed in December, 2013 “opposition” rebels used chemical weapons and not the government.

Prior to that time President Obama had issued a “red line” that if crossed would result in a US missile attack against the Syrian government. It was also conjectured after the attack al Qaeda wanted a greater US military presence in Syria so blaming the government for the attack would presumably force Obama’s hand and retaliate against the Syrian government.

Luckily Obama was rescued by Russian President Vladimir Putin who diplomatically arranged for his ally Assad to agree to give up his chemical weapons arsenal and no US bombing campaign ensued.

So when one thinks about the latest gas attack blaming the Syrian Arab Army follows the similar pattern used in 2013; the US and its complicit MSM jumping to the immediate conclusion it had to be carried out by the Syrian government.

I suggest reading “Something is Not Adding Up in Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack” [2] by Paul Antonopoulos, an Australian analyst who makes an alternative argument using photos of al Qaeda associated “White Helmets” on the scene handling the dead gassed victims with bare hands and without gas masks.

From local sources he reveals “250 people from Majdal and Khattab were kidnapped by al Qaeda terrorists last week and claimed many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those from Majdal and Khattab”. Antonopoulos “suggests that on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, terrorist forces have again created a false flag scenario” resembling the 2013 Ghouta chemical weapons attack.

He includes a photo of pick-up trucks at the scene near the victims of the attack and people nearby without protective gear and not affected at all when sarin can begin attacking the body within seconds.

Antonopoulos concludes, “With Syrian Army and its allies in a comfortable position in Syria, making advances across the country…why would they resort to using chemical weapons in Nusra Front occupied Idlib? ” Interestingly, even the Times admitted the area around Khan Shaykhun is held by al Qaeda militants. He adds, “It defies any logic that on the eve of a Syrian peace conference in Brussels and a week before peace negotiations are to resume, that the Syrian government would blatantly use the non-existent stock of chemical weapons.”

“All evidence suggests this is another false chemical attack allegation made against the government as seen in the Ghouta 2103 attack”. 

Admittedly I’ve never heard of Paul Antonopoulos and so soon after such a horrific attack it’s impossible to make a substantive judgment on who committed the atrocity.

But when the US government and western MSM headed by the New York Times comes to the immediate conclusion the Syrian government is to blame, making assertions and assessments without any investigation having taken place it’s a tell tale sign something is amiss. 

A jumped on bandwagon of accusations, assertions, assessments without substantiated proof does not make for honest, unbiased conclusions.

What it does reveal is we’re living in a dangerous McCarthyesque time in the US. And that didn’t start with the coming of the “Donald”. He’s just part of the bandwagon. 

[1] Worst Chemical Attack in Years; U.S. Blames Assad”, by Anna Barnard and Michael R. Gordon, “The New York Times, April 4, 2017.

[2] “Something is Not Adding Up in Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack” by Paul Antonopoulos, Information Clearing House”, April 4, 2017

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