The Pandora’s Box of War

By Chris Hedges/Truthdig/April 7, 2017

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2 Responses to The Pandora’s Box of War

  1. What we’ve done up to now have only made bad situations worse. I don’t see the benefit of the U.S. involved in every Mideast conflict. We don’t seem to be helping make peace. Perhaps we should let them work out their own problems. But of course, too many people are making to much profit for us to leave, so we’re stuck with perpetual bloodshed. What a shame.

  2. List of X says:

    I support the idea of the US pulling out of Middle East, but should that happen, I have zero hopes that it will bring peace to the ME. After all, many conflicts in or around ME don’t involve the US: Shiites vs Sunni, Turkey vs Kurds, Assad vs rebels, (and rebels against other rebels, Saudi Arabia vs Iran, al-Sisi vs Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS vs everyone, Erdogan vs democracy in Turkey, Houthis vs Yemen government, and if all else fails, Arabs vs Israel. If we move out, all of these conflicts remain unsolved and will cause decades and decades of war and bloodshed.

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