Replace the Word Elected with Selected

By David Siegel/ January 15, 2017



Russian tampering with the shitpot we call free and fair elections in the USA was a factor in smearing more shit on Hillary Clinton.  The right wing smearosphere in the USA was not satisfied with the $500M worth of smear they had already applied over the last 20 year period to anyone with Clinton as a name.  After all, if you are a Republican, the Ends Justify the Means.  Fraud, theft, murder, treason… after all, these are only words.  This is not the reason that Hillary Clinton lost.

Russian influenced Hypernormalization tactics widely applied by the Trump team were useful in destroying the other Republican candidates and the weak-minded corporate press, but, the deliberate use of chaos and confusion is not exclusive to the Russians.   Hitler & Goebbels went there first in modern history.  Trump has been a big fan of Mussolini’s postures and gestures for quite a long time.  The resemblance is uncanny.  This is not the reason that Hillary Clinton lost.

The Republican bible contains the Book of RatFucking.  All GOP leadership members learn to recite these passages from birth as they attend their Republican Madrassas.  Some famous Ayatollahs of this book include Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, Donald Segretti, Mitch Mc Connell, Joe McCarthy and countless other successful Sith Lords.  Now it is not to say that politicians who affiliate themselves with the Democratic party NEVER use any of these tactics from the Book of RatFucking, but rather that the Republicans actually depend upon this book to steal and hold onto public offices they would never win in an actual fair election where only actual truth and actual counting of all votes from all eligible voters would be counted.  They have truly brought RatFucking to the level and a scale of a religious art.  They have also packed the courts with enough acolytes to carefully construct a completely fraudulent “legal” framework to justify their massive crime upon America.   You can see these carcinogenic justices in action.  Look up the Federalist Society and start reading.

The latest Fuck du Jure program of tossing all the Nigras, Mexis, Asians, Democrats, Students, et al off of the voter rolls and into the “Provisional Ballot list”  is called Cross Check.  Their votes were intentionally NOT COUNTED.  All provisional ballots in the Red States are NEVER COUNTED.  The victims of this particular RatFucking are depicted as vote thieves with their names showing up in multiple states and jurisdictions, even though they are not the same person.  Different ages, different SSN’s, different middle names, it does not matter.  They are targeted by Cross Check.  Thousands upon thousands of them.  In States where Republican infested legislatures run the show, Cross Check was in full force.  How is this possible with a black president and two black Attorneys General?  Simple.  They sat on their hands and did NOTHING.  By never refuting the criminally false narrative of the Republican propaganda arm of Voter Fraud, they let them cover up massive Voter Suppression.  Why?  The only plausible answer I can come up with is that the Democratic Leadership and the Obama White House in particular are pretty fucking stupid when it comes to standing up and speaking truth to liars, thieves and murderers.

Only the NAACP has had the balls to sue the bastards when in the year of our Bush, 2000, when thousands of “future” felons in Florida were disenfranchised of their right to vote.  The thousands of illegally disenfranchised black voters in Florida in 2000 FAR exceeded the prima fascia lead in votes that George W. Bush had gotten.  The NAACP won the suit.  Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris had to admit in open court that they cheated thousands out of their votes.  In the end, what difference did it make?  NO national newspaper reported the whole story.  It never made it to national TV news.   Is there still an NAACP?  Are they famous rappers?

What was the result of this clearly illegal violation of voting rights in this USA?  The selection of Donald J. Trump as dictator in chief with his cabal of right wing Christian Fascists headed by failed governor Mike Pence and the other Hitler Youth.  You cannot ever say that Trump was elected president.  He was selected by massive and coordinated fraud by the Republican Party.  And this is not the first time.

The number of deliberately uncounted ballots far exceeds Trump’s so called victory in at least 3 of the swing states that put him over the top in Electoral College numbers.  That is why Hillary Clinton will not be President 44.  That was all they had to do.  The side benefit was to hold on to the Senate too as liberal candidates like Russ Feingold were also mysteriously denied huge blocks of votes that disappeared between voting time and counting time.  Has Merlin the Magician returned from the dead?  Nope.

How do we know that this is true?  Because the voting tallies do not add up in the democratic leaning precincts in the Cross Check states.  There is a big difference between votes cast and votes counted.  Why haven’t you seen this information in any US Newspaper?  Haven’t you learned by now?  Truth is dead.  For details and the actual evidence, go to Greg Palast’s website.  None of the evidence that he gathered has ever been disputed, proven wrong or been fabricated.  Yet, how come this actual factual evidence never gets into the larger public spotlight?  Why is there such a disconnect in this country?  The media ONLY talks about vote counts.  ONLY.

In Detroit, Michigan, the Republicans added a more blatant tactic, dead vote tally machines.  In the Democratic leaning precincts in Detroit, no votes were counted for Hillary Clinton, democratic candidates for state and local office or anyone else.  Tens of thousands of missing votes gone.  After a recount was demanded as is the right, the Republican fixers used the same broken counting machines to return a confirmation of zero votes cast in those precincts.  They then declared that the recount was over and that the results have been verified.  They then moved to stop all recount efforts and to have no press access to any ballots, which are to be destroyed before anyone can examine them.  Why are they in such a hurry to destroy evidence of their crimes?  They already run the state and under the declaration of Emergency, have been ruling the entire state with emergency powers which they also used to send lead from old pipes into the bodies of black and poor citizens.

If you are black, Hispanic or Asian, your chances of having your vote NOT COUNTED in Republican controlled states is 700% higher than in non-Republican controlled states.  That is not some casual error.  That is not because of illiteracy.  That is because of massive fraud on the part of the Republican party which, in my opinion, should be prosecuted as a RICO case with any and all participants in the Cross Check program going to prison and being fined of all of their holdings and other ill-gotten gains.

This is why we will be stuck with Don the Con and his merry band of organized criminals for the foreseeable future.

Jim Hightower, former Democratic Agricultural Commissioner for the State of Texas put it the best, “I would gladly trade some Republican Tax Cut for a pill that would re-grow spines in Democrats”.

The program to discredit and marginalize any inquiry into Voter Suppression was started long ago by the Republicans.  One of the First rules of RatFucking is to accuse your opponent of the illegal or immoral act you are about to commit.  This tends to immunize the bad player from scrutiny, which is an offshoot of what they call Bumping the Ref.  (Bumping the referee –  if you keep bumping chests with the referee and dispute EVERY call against your team, you may eventually wear his down and make some marginal calls go your way.)  On Faux Newz, several years ago, you started seeing bullshit stories on Voter Fraud which falsely claimed that “illegals” and other scum where voting in large numbers to cheat real Americans (euphemism for Republican Candidates) from winning public office.   This was to cover their deliberate Voter Suppression campaign which includes bullshit Voter ID laws, limiting polling places in minority areas, excluding college students from voting by any means and most recently, Cross Check.

One of the more recognizable voices in the fight against Voter Suppression has been Bobby Kennedy Jr.  So, how do you marginalize him?  RatFucking dictates that you find a weakness and use it to destroy the target.  In the case of Bobby Kennedy, some family friends have autistic children.  Being a lawyer and not a doctor, Bobby rides on the “anti Vaxer” train because emotion wins over science just about every time.  Bobby fell for the invitation to Trump Tower to make him the spokesman for Anti Vaxers.  What was the outcome of this?  Liberal Media has now labeled him a nut job just like Jenny McCarthy and Jill Stein for that matter.  In order to frame him as a liar on the right wing, they told Bobby he had the job.  Bobby then “ran into” some media folks on his way out of Trump Tower who wrote the story that he was appointed as the spokesman for Anti Vax.  Within the next news cycle, Trump Tower denied any such appointment, thereby labeling him as a liar, just like the rest of them who want to ride on the “robe tails” of King Trump.  Masterful.  Effective.  RatFucking at its finest.  Bravo.

Even Greg Palast has been set up to be discredited.  Piers Morgan (remember him from CNN) set up a honeypot in the classic style in some London hotel with a hired woman who was paid to lure Greg into a sexual tryst.  As Palast put it, I was standing in my hotel room in my shorts when the door bursts open with several photographers taking pictures.  Instantly realizing that I had been set up, all I could do was laugh.  Piers Morgan was working for the Murdock slime press at the time.  His attempt to silence me had the opposite effect of exposing him as a stooge working for the Murdock organization.  He had to get out of town after that and showed up on CNN to replace Larry King.  That did not last too long after people saw his true nature.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Let’s light up King Trump and his Christian Taliban with the power of 100 suns.  How much light will it take to show his followers what they really look like?

(Dave Siegel lives in Inglewood, CA.)


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