Too Hot For TED: Multi-Billionaire’s Banned Speech

Don’t Miss This One! The Speech TED Didn’t Want You to See…..

BPR Editor’s Note: Multi-Billionaire venture capitalist Nick Hanauer appeared at a TED conference (invitation-only for powerful and creative business and political leaders) in March, and said things that this kind of audience was not used to hearing.

“Rich people don’t create jobs,” he told the TED audience. “An ordinary middle-class consumer is far more of a job creator than a capitalist like me.” His point: if the rich–who, since 1980, have increased their wealth three times faster than the rest of us, while having their taxes cut in half– haven’t been creating jobs, then clearly that “rich job-creators” theory is bogus. If we want the economy to grow, the answer is obvious: tax the wealthy.

TED officials initially told Hanauer they would post the talk online, as they do most other speeches. But then they changed their minds, calling his remarks about income inequality too “political.” While not aired on the TED website, they finally released Hanauer’s talk this week, and it has quickly has gone viral. 

Time Business article “Was Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk on Income Inequality Too Rich for Rich People?”

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3 Responses to Too Hot For TED: Multi-Billionaire’s Banned Speech

  1. okieprogressive says:

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    What goes up.

  2. Gary, Lanauer is co-founder of the True Patriot Network. There is some contact information there. Let me know what happens.

  3. Arlen, thnx for reporting this. I would have missed it. Here is a commenter’s comment on the article and then my reply to it:
    AllThingsPondered, You see the reality by observing the behaviors. This is the reality, isn’t it? If you want to understand what a person is about, you only need to sit back and observe what they do, not what they say – isn’t that the truth?

    My reply: You are pondering good thoughts, although some philosopher whose name I can’t remember said long ago, “I think, therefore I am.” Actually you are both right. Here’s my non-mathematical equation for all human beings:
    Individual+Situations=Behavior + Results
    When you plug in the specifics it explains everything.
    My immediate reaction to Hanauer’s speech was “wow, here’s an exemplar who speaks the unvarnished truth!” My next was to find out how I can contact him. America is going down the drain. I would like to persuade him to become a democracy entrepreneur and help us organize and lauch “two-fisted democracy power” to end America’s own worse enemy, her corpocracy. To see what I mean, go to
    Anyone have his e-mail address?Gary Brumback,

    Arlen, know how I can contact him?

    Best, Gary

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