Resurrecting Democracy

Citizens United, the horrendous 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections crushed what was left of democracy in America.

The amount of money that poured in to the 2010 midterm elections, as well as the recent Wisconsin recall elections, was unprecedented. Billionaires, donating without restrictions, made sure candidates favorable to their interests were elected. They essentially bought as much the government as they could, and are planning to buy what’s left in 2012..

Democracy cannot exist when elections can be bought. The task of fighting back will be difficult, but fortunately, there are citizen groups working to overturn this ruling and restore the fairness in our elections that the Supreme Court yanked away.

One such group is, which is working to restore the concept that people, not corporations, should determine our elected representatives. In this video, Thom Hartmann and David Cobb give a good explanation of what is at stake and what can be done.


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