A Daily Dose of Dumb

For an indication of how far we have fallen as a nation, examine the amount of serious coverage given by network and cable news shows to the field of freaks running for the Republican presidential nomination.

The lineup on the debate stage in Iowa over the weekend was nothing short of scary. All eight of them said they would reject a deficit reduction deal with a ratio of ten dollars of spending cuts to one dollar of added revenue.  Imagine, ten to one isn’t even good enough for these tea party ideologues. How about a million dollars of cuts to one dollar of taxes? Would any of them stray from that purity test? Hard to tell, because it wasn’t asked.

Hardly any of them would have been seriously considered for a Republican presidential nomination ten or more years ago.  But crazy extremism is in vogue now, and news organizations present these brain-challenged narcissists  as genuine presidential candidates.

I suppose a case can be made for Mitt Romney as a credible candidate, even though he lacks personality and any real convictions. The rest have bizarre, radically right-wing views, but are portrayed as legitimate heavyweight candidates by news media outlets.

It’s ludicrous to devote so much attention to these nut cases, and frankly, it’s boring.  How often must we hear about the interminable horse race of wild-eyed lunatics vying for the Republican nomination? I guess a lot longer, or until the next sex or celebrity scandal diverts our attention.

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