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Democratic Party Woes

What Do the Democrats Want? No One Knows By Ted Rall/ Counterpunch/ May 30,2017   In the 1970s, when I was a kid, I asked my mother to explain the difference between the two major parties. “Democrats,” she explained, “are … Continue reading

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Thanks to Trump, No More Ameri-Splaining

By Ted Rall/ rall.com/ December 7, 2016   “A shining city on a hill,” Ronald Reagan called America (by way of the Puritan  authoritarian John Winthrop).  “We are great because we are good,” Hillary Clinton said during the campaign (via Tocqueville).  Michelle … Continue reading

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Classified Information

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Disappearing Votes

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Our F— You System of Government

(Subhead):  Anti-Occupy Crackdowns Highlight Lack of Services by Ted Rall Governments are supposed to fulfill the basic needs of their citizens. Ours doesn’t pretend to try. Sick? Too bad. Can’t find a job? Tough. Broke? Can’t afford rent? We don’t … Continue reading

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