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In The End, Bin Laden Won He couldn’t have done it without us By  Michael Moore/ MichaelMoore.com/ September 7, 2021 I decided to go and meet the Taliban in the spring of 1999, two years before the 9/11 attacks. Most … Continue reading

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It Has Happened Here By Paul Craig Roberts/ paulcraigroberts.org/ February 7, 2013 the police state is real The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States. … Continue reading

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Victims of the American Empire: Us

EMPIRES THEN AND NOW By Paul Craig Roberts/ Institute for Political Economy/ March 26, 2012 Great empires, such as the Roman and British, were extractive. The empires succeeded, because the value of the resources and wealth extracted from conquered lands … Continue reading

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The Afghani Soldiers Who Don’t Treat Us As Liberators

BPR Guest Blogger Afghan Soldiers Killing Allied Forces by Jack Quirk/ A Different Perspective/ Jan. 20, 2012 The New York Times is reporting that American and other coalition forces in Afghanistan are being killed in increasing numbers by the very … Continue reading

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The Unending Afghanistan War

If we had a viable two-party system in this country, American soldiers wouldn’t still be in Afghanistan after ten years. When it comes to war and foreign policy there is no party difference. Because the Democratic and Republican parties drink … Continue reading

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