The Unending Afghanistan War

If we had a viable two-party system in this country, American soldiers wouldn’t still be in Afghanistan after ten years.

When it comes to war and foreign policy there is no party difference. Because the Democratic and Republican parties drink from the same corporate cash trough, they are of one mind when it comes to building up the war machine and  perpetuating our empire with military muscle.

Is there any sane reason to have 100,000 American troops in Afghanistan right now, and spend $10 billion a month doing so?

There are a great many reasons not to:

  1.  The vast majority of Americans want us out.
  2.  Al-Qaeda is virtually gone from the country.
  3.  Osama bin Laden is dead.
  4.  The Taliban are not in charge.
  5.  Our soldiers are dying in larger numbers.
  6.  We can’t win this war.

We can stay there years or decades longer to ensure that conditions don’t worsen in Afghanistan. In fact, we can do that in dozens of other countries. But that would only ensure the collapse of this country.

I should also mention–because it’s rare you will hear it in the corporate media– than we have about 90,000 private contractors in Afghanistan now, including about 19,000 private security personnel–the ones with guns. They aren’t our soldiers in uniform, but their cost to taxpayers is enormous.

Of course, President Obama has promised to get us out of Afghanistan. I wouldn’t bet my kids’ college fund on his “planned withdrawal” by 2014.  But I would bet it will be contingent on “conditions” there. Even after a 30,000 troop drawdown by the end of this year, we will still have 70,000 American troops remaining in Afghanistan going into 2012, double the number that were there when Obama took office.

American troops will be there for years to come. Anyone want to bet otherwise?

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