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Billionaires Buying the Election

BERNIE SANDERS VERSUS THE BILLIONAIRES By John Nichols/ Common Dreams/ July 24, 2012   If two dozen billionaire families were combining their wealth to effectively buy the 2012 election, it would be time for patriots to mount a bold response … Continue reading

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At Long Last, Grandpa Makes Sense

BPR Quote of the Day “…the worst decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century– uninformed, arrogant, naïve.” Senator John McCain on the Citizens United decision NY Times: John McCain’s Three Little Words

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Wisconsin: The Final Nail in the Coffin of American Democracy

by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report American Democracy had struggled on life support for many years. It took its final breath on January 21, 2010, when a conservative Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in the landmark Citizens United case that … Continue reading

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Estimated Amount to Be Spent by Koch Brothers for 2012 Election: $400 Million. Total Amount raised by John McCain For His 2008 Presidential Campaign: $370 Million. Source: Politico Thank you, Citizens United, for sabotaging “one person, one vote” elections in … Continue reading

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It’s Cold and Dark Out There……

Political Iceberg Ahead: The Big Money That Is Sinking Democracy by Danny Schechter/ Huffington Post/ May 7, 2012 I keep thinking of that clear April night 100 years ago when the unsinkable HMS Titanic steamed towards New York. It was … Continue reading

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Obama’s Burden

THE RIGHT-WING MEDIA MACHINE VS. BARACK OBAMA by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report You may have heard it said that if President Obama discovered a cure for cancer, he would be criticized for putting oncologists out of work. While … Continue reading

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Can It Get Any Better Than This for Democrats?

by Arlen Grossman As the economy slowly improves, polls show President Obama’s approval rating rising and populist Democratic issues resonating well with America’s voters.  Compared to last year when conservatives were riding high and the issues seemed to favor the … Continue reading

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{Special Report} The Future of Occupy: Let It Evolve

Despite the  predictions of Bill O’Reilly and the wishes of Mayor Bloomberg and other One Percenters, the Occupy movement is not going away.  It’s too late for that– the idea and the message are out and can no longer be … Continue reading

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Occupy Citizens United

Rep. Deutch Introduces OCCUPIED Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Money In Politics By Zaid Jilani/ Think Progress/ Nov. 18, 2011 Image: Wtfman.net In one of the greatest signs yet that the 99 Percenters are having an impact, Rep. Ted Deutch … Continue reading

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A History Lesson You Won’t Learn From the Corporate Media

Published on Friday, November 4, 2011 by The Nation How Wall Street Occupied America By Bill Moyers This article is adapted from a speech Bill Moyers gave in October at Public Citizen’s 40th Anniversary Gala.    . During the prairie revolt … Continue reading

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