Wake Up, Democrats!

Published in Monterey Herald, April 6, 2022

Dems should fight

We are on the verge of losing what is left of democracy in America, and the Democratic Party seems to do little more than shrug its shoulders. Republicans are on the attack, accusing the Dems of all kinds of deeds and crimes, mostly without substance. Polls show a strong chance that the GOP, who have accomplished nothing at all, could win both houses of Congress this November.

To prevent electoral defeat, the Democrats need to expose the number of Republicans who have committed political crimes. Yet for some reason, Attorney General Merrick Garland has shown little willingness to prosecute Republicans for January 6 and attempting to nullify the 2020 election.  Donald Trump and his family always seem immune to legal accountability. And now the Manhattan District Attorney is bailing out on prosecuting the financial crimes of the Trump family.

What will it take to get the Democratic Party to see the danger ahead? Could it be that leaders like Nancy Pelosi (82), Chuck Schumer (71), and President Biden (79) are past their prime and Dems need new blood to light a fire and go on the offensive? Maybe so.

— Arlen Grossman, Del Rey Oaks

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