Democrats need to go on offensive against Trump

Letters to the Editor, Monterey Herald, January 15, 2022

How many times has Donald Trump been accused of a crime? I don’t know and you probably don’t either. The correct answer:  too many times to count. And yet he has never been convicted. We’ve been told nobody is above the law in this country. Does anybody actually believe that?

Are President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Congress afraid of Trump and his followers? What about members of Congress? How is it that Trump and most of his cronies have so far escaped accountability for their transgressions? Democrats need to go on the offensive immediately.

There can be no doubt that Trump is guilty of financial crimes, political crimes, assaults on women,  etc. but has never acknowledged any of these crimes. Most Americans understand that our justice system has always been flawed. Those who have power, money, and the right skin color, have always gotten away with more than others.

But with Trump and his GOP accomplices chipping away at what remains of democracy in America, we just don’t have time to wait.

If we ever truly had a reasonably fair justice system, this is the time to prove it. Otherwise, we will continue living in an autocracy/plutocracy, but no longer a democracy. I don’t want that to happen. But it very well could.

Arlen Grossman

Del Rey Oaks



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3 Responses to Democrats need to go on offensive against Trump

  1. Arlen – you are an outstanding writer and you make a good case. But I have a problem with your premise that Trump and Republican electeds are uniquely corrupt or qualitatively less evil than their Democratic counterparts. Ultimately, both parties are on the side the elites and against poor, struggling, and working-class Americans. The only solution is for the latter to unite against the establishment in both parties. By focusing solely on Republican misdeeds, you make exacerbate partisan divides and make an intra-class alliance that much more difficult.

    • You are right , Hal, that the Dems are not much better than the Republicans. But they are better, and our most important priority right now is to stop the GOP from making us a fascist country. Yes, a major overhaul is needed, but it would sure help if the American people were aware of what was happening to them. Sadly, there is no quick fix.

  2. captnmike says:

    You have the right idea, too bad the Dem’s are just whiny losers waiting for someone else to take on trump –

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