Bill Maher’s New Rules Commentary is too real and too scary!

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    Hi Arlen!

    I’ve changed my mind about the Bill Maher piece after skimming not more than five articles about the fevered Fervor that so many Republicans are still engaging in to attempt to wear down people’s confidence in our voting system. They seem to know that telling lies to some people is just as effective as citing facts and they seem to be acting on the impulses to wear down as many people’s confidence in the mundane workaday part of our government that pays people to do the boring jobs of counting votes and making sure that only votes made by the rules get counted.

    I believe tonight, just like Bill Maher, that many Republicans, Libertarians, and Followers of Trump will succeed at securing a giant foothold in the prejudicial attitudes and confirmation biases of Americans who want to believe that the only right person for the job of POTUS is the King of all Liars.

    There are just too many right wingers in positions of power who are going to keep working that con to see what they can get out of it in the next 2 and 4 years. The makers of that con are hoping for a revolution or as Maher says: a slow Coup d ‘etat……. One that only erodes our system of government enough to replace it with something else based on power and loyalty.

    Ray Edward Tilton

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