Election Do-Over

Letter to NY Times (unpublished), May 24, 2017

If the Trump campaign is proven to have colluded with Russia to sabotage the 2016 election, wouldn’t that mean the election was fraudulent and essentially stolen? Yet there are no plans to have a new election for president if that were to be the case. An illegitimate election should not stand. We may not have anything in the Constitution to remedy such a situation, but I would support a constitutional amendment under those circumstances to allow for a new election in 2018 for a two-year term. Otherwise, there would be a lot of Americans, perhaps a majority, who rightfully would not accept Donald Trump as their legitimate president.

-Arlen Grossman


Arlen’s addendum: Sure I know another election will never happen, but I wanted to throw the idea out there anyway.

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1 Response to Election Do-Over

  1. Excellent letter Arlen. I think the Times might publish down the road it if there are pending impeachment hearings based on evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.

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