The TPP: The Latest Free-Trade Ripoff

My February 19 letter in the Monterey Herald:

Every few years. like clockwork, we are presented with a new free trade agreement that promises to do all kinds of wonderful things. This time it’s the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Like NAFTA and others before it, these deals are profitable for big corporations and global investors, but a disaster for the American worker, as jobs are outsourced to low-wage countries. The TPP, negotiated in secret, also threatens internet freedoms and civil liberties, collective bargaining rights, public and environmental health, food safety, financial stability–and American democracy. In order to pass, it must get through Congress. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton oppose this boondoggle. Sadly, our own representative, Sam Farr supports the TPP (as he did NAFTA). His constituents should pressure him to change his position.

–Arlen Grossman
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