Who Gets Our Money?

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2 Responses to Who Gets Our Money?

  1. And I assume that this depcits strait-up “aid”, i.e. gifts if US taxpayer money as direct govt-to-govt payments and subsidies. Now add to this graphic the value of funds sent to Israel by Anerican Jews and non-Jews as private direct investments, gifts, investments and in-kind contributions and the degree to which we support this small country becomes, well, puzzling considering all that this ‘frIEndship’ seems to benefit the US Taxpayer.

    • List of X says:

      What American Jews and non-Jews privately donate to Israel and what private investment is made into Israel is really none of the U.S. taxpayer’s concern since the U.S. taxpayer isn’t paying for that. (Unless you think we should also take issue with investments and remittances into, say, China or Mexico.) But $3 billion a year is a lot in itself, and the U.S. taxpayer is right to be concerned about that.

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