Greece: The Muscle of Corporate Capitalism


We Are All Greeks Now

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

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2 Responses to Greece: The Muscle of Corporate Capitalism

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  2. RAY TILTON says:

    Hi Arlen.That is a great piece for its analysis and a good piece for its humanity.Thank you.Michael and I have been sending similar pieces back and forth for the last week and I am almost saturated. It is sooooooooooooo important that people begin to understand one of the points in the piece you just sent and also for people to stop their denial of the real economic realities facing a huge portion of our society.That  “POOR” Americans have been feeling the same economic crunch increasingly across the years is well known here among people who still have a heart and soul.What is denied are the massive numbers of people in America (most likely greater than FIFTY MILLION people if you add up all of the numbers’ sources from student debts and loans through pensions lost and carved into hopeless pieces)who have been metamorphosing from the middle class that they actually had some security in sometime between 1960 and 1980 and lost their hold on sometime between 1980 and 2000 and now are languishing on the last crumbs of the family savings they have been cannibalizing for years.Barbara Ehrenreich is correct but she is still not with it as far as recognizing the millions who have been forced away from the table of jobs, careers, savings, IRA’s, properties, etc, etc, etc.That means that she is not able to have the true sympathy for the working class hard scabble hard luck cases that deserve every bit as much help and sympathy as the charismatic underclass that professional photographers have made their livings on for fifty years or more. It is the exact same problem of Whites pretending to all be the descendants of kings while the majority of their ancestors were serfs, slaves, and indentured servants.   They do this to support a mythology hoping that the mythology will support them at their next job.   Negroes don’t have that one very itsy bitsy, teeny weeny advantage. What makes the denial the exact same is that extremely stupid pride among those who —– WERE —— in the middle class and have now found themselves knocked away from the table of careers and jobs and retirement plans in the cruel game of musical chairs that the 1%’ers make us play, have just gone into utter total denial of their plight and real situation.   Why not just deny it all?   It is too humilliating and shameful to admit your family had earned their way to the first step of the American Dream only for your generation to lose it by fates out of your control but certainly

    defined by the rich and conservative as your having just squandered your family jewels. If I seem bitter, it is because I am. I have always had contempt and disdain for the “whites” who insist they come from royalty.   They do not even deserve pity.  But for the same people to fall into this abominable state of denial is worse than pathetic.   It is pathological and toxic to our society for what it breeds in the hysterical denials of the group. need I say any more? edray

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