Prison Population Explosion


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  1. RAY TILTON says:

    Dear Arlen.I have a great solution!!!It needs a Constitutional amendment but it will work perfectly!!!It is simple and economical. (1)   Set aside a large area in the center of Texas and build a wall with a high fence around.   The fence does not need to be anymore than chicken wire.Do not allow any electricity within the confinement area.

    (2)  Take Every person convicted of any type of crime of violence &/or brutality toward any human, horse, or dog out of all of their current situations.Make false arrest and false imprisonment just as serious a crime as kidnapping with the threat of murder so that people are more careful about who they throw into the fate of the new prison system.

    (3)   Take away every bit and every vestige of their eyesight and sex. (4) deposit them inside the internment camp. (5)  allow charitable people and churches to throw food and water over the fence to them as they deem necessary. (6) allow those on the inside to form a line with one station for interviewing for parole. (7) all others either release, or in the case of dangers to society like identity thieves and burglars and car thieves who only steal but do not threaten life, put them in the internment camp to with one line and one station for them for parole requests.   There might be a remainder of exceptions that everybody can agree on that need to simply spend a few days in the hoosegow. (8) make damn sure that all victimless crimes are taken off the books and make it a serious crime to legislate any victimless crimes in the future.

    That should just about do it!!


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