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I’ve just learned that Fox News Channel did not renew the contract with former Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Now would I stoop so low as to mock someone who has been a has-been for years and kick them while they’re down?  You betcha!  So, here are 10 reasons why Fox News fired Sarah Palin.

1)  Palin got fired by Fox to prove that she is not a quitter.

2)  Sarah was caught lip-syncing her rebuttal to Obama’s inauguration speech.

3)  Compared to the new crop of conservatives, Sarah Palin is starting to sound like a liberal.

4)  She wanted to spend time with her family, and find out which reality TV shows they could get her on.

5)  People started referring to Palin as “that Tina Fey look-alike”.

6)  Fox News may not care about Sarah Palin intellectual abilities, but they’ve certainly started to notice that she isn’t getting younger…

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