Evil Empire

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6 Responses to Evil Empire

  1. List of X says:

    That’s still not a justification for working on a nuclear bomb. If anything, it’s more likely to produce another Iran entry on the right side of the list.

    • What right do we have to tell other countries whether they can build a nuclear bomb?
      We have thousands of them, after all. And Iran is surrounded by countries that have them. By the way, we have no proof that Iran is even working on a nuclear bomb. Remember the WMDs that we were told Iraq certainly was working on?

      • List of X says:

        Well, a right to tell any country not to build nuclear bombs is a right any sane person should support. It’s not, however, a justification to start a war against that country. And as far as I know, none of the nuclear powers around Iran have ever announced that Iran should be wiped off the map.

  2. Anarya Andir says:

    And that’s the plain truth. Thanks for posting this

  3. It does say a lot, Patricia, but not what the corporate media would want to hear.

  4. Patricia Wilson says:

    This needs to be posted on Facebook for more to see. It’s that important. I’m just not sure how to post it. Patricia Wilson

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