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Early this week, hurricane Sandy brought havoc and devastation to several Northeastern states.  As President, Barack Obama quickly sprang into action along with FEMA coordinating the relief effort.  And although as a candidate Mitt Romney does not have the same resources as his opponent, it does not mean he is staying on the sidelines.  Here are 10 ways how Mitt Romney has helped those affected by the hurricane.

1)  Called for emergency 50% tax cut for the rich.

2)  Mailed out letters to all registered Democrats in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire informing them that if they are too busy with hurricane cleanup work, they could go to the polls on November 8 instead of November 6.

3)  Donated 12,000 campaign ads to Red Cross.

4)  Found several lost pets, tied them to the roof of his campaign bus and personally transported them to the nearest shelter.

5)  For sports…

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