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Before yesterday’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Obama was generally favored to perform better than his challenger.  However, once the debates got under way, it was Barack Obama who appeared unprepared, uninspired, and very unteleprompted, while Mitt Romney seemed more confident, assertive and eloquent, as if his debate performance had been sponsored by Red Bull campaign donation.  So here are 10 reason why Barack Obama did not do as well as expected in the debate.

1)  Obama was demoralized and thrown off-balance when Romney managed not to make a single gaffe in the first 30 seconds of the debate.

2)  Mitt Romney’s masterful strategy of agreeing with Obama on taxes for the rich, regulation and parts of Obamacare, forced Obama to debate his own position.

3)  Many all-night parties dedicated to pre-celebrating the upcoming re-election victory had taken its toll on the president.

4)  That’s…

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