Some Thoughts About the Election

by Arlen Grossman

Nobody will vote for Mitt Romney in November. He will still have a chance to be elected president, if a lot of people decide to vote against Barack Obama. Romney has been exposed as a shallow, robotic, soulless, empty suit. Nobody really likes him. The election will be determined by how dissatisfied the electorate is with the incumbent president, which will have a lot to do with the shape of the economy during the last stages of the campaign.

Democrats need to look past the race for president. Obama should be able to beat Romney. But Democrats had better focus considerably more attention on the congressional races. The Republicans, with a 52-seat majority, will likely take back the House. The Senate, with a 51-47 Democratic majority and two Dem-leaning independents, is up for grabs, especially because Democrats will be defending 23 seats, compared to Republicans, who will only be defending ten. President Obama, if re-elected will accomplish little or nothing good if the GOP controls both branches of Congress. Without limits on campaign financing, Republicans will be in a strong position to get their congressional candidates elected. That spells big trouble for Democrats and for the country.

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