Poll : What Is Most Important to You in Choosing a President?

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10 Responses to Poll : What Is Most Important to You in Choosing a President?

  1. I want whoever is elected President to be honest about their views on the issues. A candidate who flip flops on the issues has no credibility.

  2. Michelle Jackson says:

    I agree, I was debating the beer- but really who cares if the president can drink a beverage- I agree with Arlen, if the president can handle a space invasion then they surely should be able to tackle teabaggers 🙂

  3. Nick Dawson says:

    None of the above. What’s most important to me is someone who bases their views on facts rather than ideology. One who is willing to challenge their own preconceived notions when presented with evidence that contradicts them. One who is willing to admit mistakes, learn and grow from them. One who doesn’t try to mislead when speaking and instead try’s to explain their thought process so others can gauge whether it holds water or not and debate if necessary. One who is willing to compromise in order to move forward instead of the all or nothing approach which In my view gets you/us nowhere.

    Coincidentally the person I just described would be the best suited to handle a peaceful alien visitor in my view. However your phrasing of “invasion” evokes a sense of global war so if we were facing extinction the aforementioned quality’s are not necessarily the best for survival as they are more meant for survival of an advanced society, i.e. if I’m going in to an unavoidable imminent war I want the best military strategist in charge.

    • Fortunately, that scenario in the second paragraph is unlikely….except to those who stay up late and listen to “Coast to Coast” with George Noory. But in regards to your first paragraph, Nick, let me take a wild stab and guess you are thinking of the incumbent president.

  4. You have to admit, Jack, anybody that can handle an alien space invasion should be able to take on the GOP teabaggers. I mean, is there really any difference?

  5. Jack Quirk says:

    I’m down with the one who can handle an alien space invasion, definitely. That puts me in with what is at this point the plurality of your readership, and you should give that some thought.

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