Mention the Name Ron Paul………

by Arlen Grossman

On some stimulating back-and-forth emails with friends, some of whom lean toward the libertarian philosophy, I challenged Ron Paul supporters with two questions.  That brought a number of responses (as Ron Paul supporters are nothing if not passionate about their candidate). I offer those two questions here:

(1) If not the government, who will step in to rein in the inevitable excesses, crime, and greed of Big Banks and Big Business?

(2) Who will take care of the elderly, the disabled, the sick, the unemployed, and the poor?

The answers I received were not satisfying to me (no suprise). But since these are thoughtful, intelligent people, and since I do have strong admiration for a number of Dr. Paul’s views, I came back with some points I felt all of us could agree with:

(1) The political and economic systems in this country have broken down and are fully dysfunctional, except for those in the top 1%. We no longer have  a functioning democracy, and haven’t for awhile.

(2) Ron Paul is worthy of consideration for president, but does not have all the answers (and for some of us, many wrong answers). Still, nobody should be shunned or feel bad for supporting him, especially considering the narrow choices we have.

(3) Dr. Paul’s message needs to be heard, as he says valuable things (especially regarding the military, foreign policy, and legalization of drugs) that no Republican candidate or the President will even come close to saying.

(4) Unless things change substantially, we’re all screwed.

I heard no disagreement on those four points, proving we do have some common ground.  I don’t know what good that will do when we face the inevitable choice between two Corporate Party candidates for president, but it made me feel good for a little while.

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