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BPR Quote of the Day: Three Kinds of Patriots

“There are three kinds of patriots, two bad, one good. The bad ones are the uncritical lovers and the loveless critics. Good patriots carry on a lover’s quarrel with their country, a reflection of God’s lover’s quarrel with all the world.” … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Promotes Anti-Public Education Agenda

Gates Foundation Grants ALEC A Hefty Sum For ‘Education Reform’ by Karoli/ Crooks and Liars/ Dec. 4, 2011 This is exactly why I’ve always been suspicious of Bill Gates’ “philanthropy.” Yes, I understand that he’s done wonderful things in Africa, … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…….

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Bernie Sanders: “Does That Sound Like Justice to You?”

The only true progressive in the U.S. Senate lays out the immense problems we face and why it is so important to address them. The following is adapted from a speech Sen. Sanders (I-VT) gave at the Fighting Bob Fest … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: News or Newspeak?

Speaking before the  National Conference for Media Reform in 2007, Bill Moyers told a crowd of over 3,000 his view of Big Media in America: “The Orwellian filigree of a public sphere in which language conceals reality, and the pursuit … Continue reading

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The Continued Insanity of Republicans in Congress

The Ghosts of Boyfriends Past by Gail Collins/ New York Times/ Dec. 9, 2011 New unnerving development in Congress: Some senators are claiming that a woman nominated to be ambassador to El Salvador can’t have the job because they don’t … Continue reading

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60 Minutes: (Not) Prosecuting Wall Street

Another in a series of outstanding investigative reports from 60 Minutes on CBS. Last Sunday, December 4, Steve Kroft did two segments on the unprosecuted crimes on Wall Street. This is the second segment. I’m not able to post the … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: &%^#*$*@

In case you thought our politics was obscene…… Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (soon to be switching jobs with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin), responding in a tweet to harsh criticism of his and Putin’s political party: “It has become clear that … Continue reading

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John Is Still Speaking to Us

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Numbers That Count: Wall Street Justice

1980s-1990s Savings & Loan Crisis: 1,852 S&L bank officials were prosecuted, and 1,072 placed behind bars. Another 2,558 bankers were also jailed, often for offenses which were S&L-linked too.* 2007-08 Financial Crisis, Wall Street Bankers Arrested: 0** 2011 Occupiers Arrested: over … Continue reading

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