Five Sure-fire Ways to Drive the Right Wing Crazy

1. Have a spontaneous mass protest that grows and spreads rapidly.

2. Make sure the purpose of the protest has no easily defined focus.  “What do they want?” whine the media and politicians. “What are their demands?’  Let’s review: increasingly larger crowds of ordinary people (victims of the economic collapse) march to and occupy Wall Street, the Financial Capital of the World (the ones whose greedy behavior crashed the world economy yet who continue to reap financial rewards)….could the symbolism be any more obvious? But without specifics, it is agonizingly difficult for the establishment and the reactionary opposition to focus their attack.

3. Make sure there are no leaders.  Make sure you are not co-opted by any political party, ego-driven personality, labor group, or mainstream liberal organization. Besides not watering down your message, this also makes it difficult for the opposition to focus it’s attack.

4. Take your time. Allow the movement time to grow. Make the corporate media–which tried hard to ignore you at first–listen to you. Spread the message. Talk about inequality, unfairness, greed, corruption, indifference, and suffering, so that even out-of-touch Americans will begin to understand.

5. Keep growing and expanding, across America and the world.  This protest movement may not all work out perfectly, and it might not work out at all. But if we keep doing what we’ve always been doing, we’re doomed for sure.                                                     

PUBLISHED IN OPEDNEWS.COM  (Headline Status–#1 in popularity) 10/13/2011

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