Another George W. Bush Clone?

What could be more frightening than another intellectually challenged conservative Texas governor occupying the White House on Inauguration Day 2013. The image of Rick Perry in the oval office sends shivers down the spine of millions of Americans. Seriously, we still haven’t recovered from George W. Bush’s calamitous reign.


Yet it’s highly unlikely that the GOP would choose Rick Perry as their nominee. His unconventional views and inept debate performances make many Republicans nervous.

But right now no Republican candidate is catching on with the electorate. An outsider could still step up to the presidential plate in hopes of exciting the party’s voters.  The current crop of candidates might soon fall by the wayside,  Governor Perry among them, sparing us the frightening scenario of a George W. Bush clone in the White House.

There are several credible, proven Republicans who could still throw their hat into the ring. While New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has so far ruled himself out, some GOP insiders are promoting one candidate with broad appeal, the popular ex-governor of Florida, Jeb……

Oh, never mind.

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