BPR Quote of the Day: Meanies and Weenies

“Washington is now divided between the ‘Meanies’ and the ‘Weenies.’ That’s the real two-party system today in Washington, the Meanies and the Weenies. The Meanies want to take Social Security and Medicare away from Grandma and Grandpa, and the Weenies are quite willing to go along with it and ‘compromise.'”

                                                   Alan Grayson

I’d like to see Grayson challenge Obama.  Even if he doesn’t win, he would at least get the progressive message heard by voters.

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2 Responses to BPR Quote of the Day: Meanies and Weenies

  1. fia says:

    I would love it too if Grayson threw his hat into the primary ring, he would be just the one to put all of the issues that Progressives care about on the table and he’d be able to get the kind of media exposure that very few are able to; but I think he really wants to serve Florida and he’s probably can’t do both. Is there anyone else out there with the bona fides to be able to credibly challenge Pres.Obama???

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