In a recent speech, President Obama telegraphed his next move. He told a town hall gathering Friday, “Whether I like it or not, I’ve got to get the debt ceiling limit raised.”  (Obama Town Hall Video)  And that’s when the Republicans knew they would get what they want.

You see, the GOP has figured out they only need to draw a line in the sand, and the president, anxious to get a deal to avoid a calamity, is willing to give up most everything in the store to get their votes. It’s just like when Obama compromised last year, extending tax breaks to the wealthy in order to ensure unemployment checks wouldn’t stop.

The Republicans know exactly what they are doing, and it works every time. The president is the responsible adult, while the Republicans are the recalcitrant children. It’s too much like the scene we’ve all witnessed in the grocery store, when the parent gives in and buys the candy bar, and we all know the screeching kid has won.

I fear he will soon give up even more of the store, including taking parts of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid out of the store’s safe, and slicing off some meaty chunks, whatever it takes to get the desired number of GOP votes to prevent a debt default.

I hope I’m wrong.

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