BPR Quote of the Day

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

Benito Mussolini

I’m glad we don’t have any countries now that fit that description,  Right?

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4 Responses to BPR Quote of the Day

  1. william wallace says:

    Arlen / you must be joking. Extreme
    religious right wing FASCISM is alive
    & thrives in the USA. It seeming you
    live in a very media induced /illusion.

    • I’m afraid you missed seeing the tongue in my cheek, William (perhaps because of being across the ocean). I was being facetious, and agree there are too many fascist tendencies in this country and it’s getting worse all the time. Thanks for writing.

      • william wallace says:

        I’m afraid you missed seeing the tongue in my cheek, Arlen ( perhaps because
        of being across the ocean). Arlen true joy in ones life // not the varied events in
        ones life ( but the fact that one be alive ). / Thus one’s joy’s an constant nature
        it not dependent on wot goes past via the external / of course there’s bad times
        good times // yet if one centered on the true joy / the constant joy that one alive
        then one not lost in a maze of emotions /feelings // having wrongful perceptions.

        How one is enabled in bring a state of knowing the constant joy is via meditation
        turning the senses inward in bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self // in having
        very practical spiritual experience not beliefs ideas a heaven beyond the clouds
        but a heaven that is as always awaiting within to be discoverd / since time began.

        On pc search put ( words of peace ) on site being a large selection of videos in
        which Prem Rawat talks of one turning the senses inward thus bring a unfolding
        of the spiritual self / via very practical spiritual experience’s /where knowing truth.

        Arlen such is the time the age where humanity turns toward meditation / in their
        revealing of the true self // thus the information / as such but giving of guidance.

        ps .. please excuse my time in making a reply. // The very very very best wishes.

        • Are you the same William Wallace who wrote me about fascism yesterday? You sound like a totally different person today.
          If the meditation, turning inward and all the things you describe work for you, that’s okay with me. But right now, that will not solve the problems of poverty, starvation, war, environmental devastation, etc that need to be taken care of right now. Well, maybe it could, but getting everyone to participate is just not going to happen.

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