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Global Capitalism Is Theft

Government Debts as Class Swindles By Richard Wolff/ Common Dreams/ January 31, 2020 In modern capitalism, governments routinely borrow money. They do this to finance budget deficits that occur when governments raise less in taxes than they spend. Governments also … Continue reading

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Murdering the Wretched of the Earth By Chris Hedges/ Truthout/ August 14, 2013 focusonsocialism.ca Radical Islam is the last refuge of the Muslim poor. The mandated five prayers a day give the only real structure to the lives of impoverished … Continue reading

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Is the Game Over?

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report “All resistance must recognize that the corporate d’etat is complete.” — Chris Hedges Is Hedges correct? Have we as a nation and a world gone so far overboard into global corporate capitalism that … Continue reading

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The Myth of Human Progress By Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ January 6, 2013 Clive Hamilton in his “Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate Change”describes a dark relief that comes from accepting that “catastrophic climate change is virtually … Continue reading

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