Causes of Terrorism

For about the last fifteen years (and even before), the United States has traveled halfway across the globe relentlessly bombing numerous Middle East countries, killing Muslim combatants and civilians by the thousands, if not millions. And we wonder why Muslim extremists might want to hurt Americans. You think there might be a connection?


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My California Primary Night Favorite Dream

The future as I’d like to envision it…….

Donald Trump continues to self-destruct –as he surely will–and takes down the Republican Party with him. Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Bernie Sanders win the presidential election over Trump and VP Ted Cruz in a landslide, giving the Administration a clear mandate. Trump’s defeat so demoralizes the GOP that the Democrats are able to win back both houses of Congress and a large number of state legislatures and governor races.

Amazingly, some of this might actually come true!


P.S. Hillary’s first Supreme Court nomination: Barack H. Obama.

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Why Trump May Win

By Robert Reich/ May 22, 2016

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday finds Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie, with Trump leading Clinton 46 percent to 44 percent among registered voters. That’s an 11 percent swing against Clinton since March.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, also released Sunday, shows Clinton at 46 percent to Trump’s 43 percent. Previously she led 50 percent to 39 percent.

Polls this far before an election don’t tell us much. But in this case they do raise a serious question.

Since he cinched the Republican nomination two weeks ago, Trump has been the object of even more unfavorable press than he was before – about his treatment of women, his propensity to lie, his bizarre policy proposals.

Before this came months of news coverage of his bigotry, megalomania, narcissism, xenophobia, refusals to condemn violence at his rallies, refusals to distance himself from white supremacists, and more lies.


Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Pied piper Donald Trump

Donald Trump hasn’t spent very much money in his presidential campaign but he has dominated the media coverage.

So how can Trump be pulling even with Hillary Clinton?

Throughout the Republican primaries, pundits and pollsters repeatedly told us he’d peaked, that his most recent outrageous statement was his downfall, that he was viewed as so unlikeable he didn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination.

But in my travels around the country I’ve found many who support him precisely because of the qualities he’s being criticized for having.

A Latina-American from Laredo, Texas, tells me she and most of her friends are for Trump because he wants to keep Mexicans out. She thinks too many Mexicans have come here illegally, making it harder for those here legally.

A union member from Pittsburgh says he’s for Trump because he’ll be tough on American companies shipping jobs abroad, tough with the Chinese, tough with Muslims.

A small businessman in Cincinnati tells me he’s for Trump because “Trump’s not a politician. He’ll give them hell in Washington.”

Political analysts have underestimated Trump from the jump because they’ve been looking through the rear-view mirror of politics as it used to be.

Trump’s rise suggests a new kind of politics. You might call it anti-politics.

The old politics pitted right against left, with presidential aspirants moving toward the center once they cinched the nomination.

Anti-politics pits Washington insiders, corporate executives, bankers, and media moguls against a growing number of people who think the game is rigged against them. There’s no center, only hostility and suspicion.

Americans who feel like they’re being screwed are attracted to an authoritarian bully – a strongman who will kick ass. The former reality TV star who repeatedly told contestants they were “fired!” appears tough and confrontational enough to take on powerful vested interests.

That most Americans don’t particularly like Trump is irrelevant. As one Midwesterner told me a few weeks ago, “He may be a jerk, but he’s our jerk.”

By the same token, in this era of anti-politics, any candidate who appears to be the political establishment is at a strong disadvantage. This may be Hillary Clinton’s biggest handicap.

The old politics featured carefully crafted speeches and policy proposals calculated to appeal to particular constituencies. In this sense, Mrs. Clinton’s proposals and speeches are almost flawless.  

But in the new era of anti-politics Americans are skeptical of well-crafted speeches and detailed policy proposals. They prefer authenticity. They want their candidates unscripted and unfiltered.

A mid-level executive in Salt Lake City told me he didn’t agree with Trump on everything but supported him because “the guy is the real thing. He says what he believes, and you know where he stands.”

In the old politics, political parties, labor unions and business groups, and the press mediated between individual candidates and the public –explaining a candidate’s positions, endorsing candidates, organizing and mobilizing voters.

In this era of anti-politics, it’s possible for anyone with enough ego, money, and audacity – in other words, Donald Trump – to do it all himself: declaring himself a candidate; communicating with and mobilizing voters directly through Twitter and other social media; and getting free advertising in mainstream media by being outrageous, politically incorrect, and snide. Official endorsements are irrelevant.

Donald Trump has perfected the art of anti-politics at a time when the public detests politics. Which is why so many experts in how politics used to be played have continuously underestimated his chances.

And why Trump’s demagoguery – channeling the prejudices and fears of Americans who have been losing ground – makes him the most dangerous nominee of a major political party in American history.


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How Economic Hitmen Work

This two-minute video explains a lot…..

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And This Is Just a Small Sample


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Terrorists: Why Do They Want to Blow Us Up?

First Published at OpEdNews March 26 (Headline Status)

By Arlen Grossman

Terrorist Attack

Pretty much missing from the commentaries and responses to the recent Belgium bombing was the basic question as to why Muslim extremists attack us. And its obvious corollary: if we know the reason for these atrocities, perhaps we can get a handle on how to stop or reduce them. 

But, as usual, the American media, politicians, talking heads, and other so-called experts in general remain as evasive and clueless as ever. But the answers as to the terrorists’ motives are not hard to find. 

Why Belgium? ISIS proclaimed it was targeted as “a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State.” And ISIS (as well as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) said the Paris attacks last year were in retaliation for French airstrikes again them in Syria and Iraq. 

Then there’s Osama bin Laden, who told us the main reason for the 9/11 attacks was the deployment of U.S. forces in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, which he called “the greatest of” aggressions incurred by the Muslims since the death of the prophet.” 

Peter Bergen, an expert on bin Laden and Jihadism, in his 2006 book, The Osama bin Laden I Know, states that the al Qaeda leader “has been pretty consistent about why he’s attacking the United States. It’s because of America’s foreign policies. … It’s about what America has been doing in his backyard, as he sees it.” 

Even earlier, a Department of Defense study in 1997 (in response to the 1996 suicide bombing of Air Force housing at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia) concluded that: “Historical data show a strong correlation between US involvement in international situations and an increase in terrorist attacks against the United States.” 

So no, it’s not because of our freedom, our wealth, our values, or our religion that they attack us. It’s because of our foreign policy and actions around the world: the invasions, occupations, drone strikes, killing of civilians, torture, and similar atrocities. The more we involve ourselves militarily in places around the world where we are not wanted, the more terrorist attacks we will see here and in the West. 

The answer to reducing terrorist attacks should be obvious: draw down American and Western involvement in the Middle East and other places far from our shores, and use those resources toward fixing our own problems (which we can all agree need our attention), as well as helping rebuild (with their permission) some of the countries we helped devastate. That would go a long way toward making this a friendlier and safer world. And we could all use that. 

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by Arlen Grossman

(editor’s note: the following is a response to a March 23 Monterey Herald editorial)

It is fascinating to me that the Herald can write an editorial about the Belgium bombings without once mentioning the real reason for these terrorist acts. But I’m not surprised, as American media and so-called experts in general remain just as clueless.

Isis proclaimed Belgium was targeted as “a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State.” As Osama bin Laden told us, the reason for the 9/11 attacks was the deployment  of U.S. forces in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, which he called “the greatest of … aggressions incurred by the Muslims since the death of the prophet.” A Department of Defense study in 1997 concluded that: “Historical data show a strong correlation between US involvement in international situations and an increase in terrorist attacks against the United States.”

So no, it’s not because of our freedom, our values, or our religion. It’s because of our foreign policy and actions around the world: the invasions, occupations, drone strikes, killing of civilians, torture, etc. The more we involve ourselves militarily in places around the world where we are not wanted, the more terrorist attacks we will see here and in the West.

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The Graveyard of the Elites

by Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ February 28, 2016

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Truth or Lies?

Valuing the Truth

by Paul Craig Roberts/ March 9, 2016

Truth is the enemy of the state, and always has been. But today the Western populations live in a world of total lies. Try to think of anything that the government has told you the truth about. “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction” … “Assad’s use of chemical weapons” … “Russian invasion of Ukraine” are not the only lies. Everything the government says is a lie. The unemployment rate. The GDP growth rate. The inflation rate. Payroll jobs. 9/11. Tonkin Gulf. Boston Marathon Bombing. Paris attacks.

Consider the taxation of Social Security benefits. Social Security existed for 49 years — from 1935 to 1984 — without the benefits being taxed. Wall Street, David Stockman, Alan Greenspan, and the Republican establishment are responsible for breaking the promise to the American people and subjecting Social Security benefits to income taxation. When the Supply-Side economic policy led to the collapse of inflation far quicker than Stockman’s budget prediction had taken into account, federal budget deficits appeared that Stockman and Wall Street blamed on Reagan’s economic program. In those days the only economics the Republican establishment knew was fear of budget deficits. The fools actually thought that a budget deficit caused by the unanticipated collapse in inflation was going to cause inflation.

To please Wall Street, Stockman and Greenspan went to work to turn Social Security into a cash cow for the government. Two things happened. Future increases in the payroll tax rate that had been legislated during the Carter administration were accelerated and brought into effect sooner than needed in order to collect a surplus of Social Security tax revenues with which to fund other government spending. The other “reform” was to subject Social Security benefits to income taxation. In 1984 50% of Social Security benefits were subject to income taxation for retirees with incomes above $25,000. In 1993 the Clinton regime made 85% of Social Security benefits subject to income taxation.

Taxing Social Security benefits is a way of cutting the benefits, long a Republican goal. I remember Democratic Senator Russell Long, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, telling me that to tax benefits that working people had paid for over the course of their working life via the payroll tax was a tax on a tax and an unconscionable violation of the compact that the government had made with the American people. My office in the Treasury had prepared a different solution to the hyped “Social Security revenue shortfall.” We showed that the best solution was to adjust the formula that governed the growth of Social Security benefits, not to accelerate the payroll tax increases and subject benefits to taxation. But Wall Street and the banks wanted revenues to reduce the budget deficit, which they claimed would reduce interest rates, thus allowing the issuance of more loans with which to financialize the economy.

Now Wall Street’s plan is to get rid of Social Security altogether by privatizing it and turning it into another financial scam.

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I often document the economic crimes committed against the American people, indeed the peoples of the entire world, and could go on about this forever. But let’s shift gears and observe the murder of justice. Who gets punished, government officials who spy without warrants, torture, commit war crimes, and financial executives guilty of fraud, or whistleblowers who reveal their crimes? You know the answer. The justice system is focused on ruining heros and the innocent.

Recently the US Appeals Court for DC blocked newly issued FCC regulations that prevent phone companies from charging prisoners $14 per minute for conversations with family members. In other words, a five-minute conversation with a spouse or child currently costs $70, as if prisoners are among the One Percent. There are both humane and cost reasons for the FCC regulations. The high cost of communication with families breaks down family ties and results in more recidivism. The federal appeals court took the side of profits and sacrificed the public’s interest.

Where is the justice in what just happened to the most prominent sportswoman in the world, five-time grand slam tennis champion Maria Sharapova. For health reasons she has been given mildronate by her doctor for 10 years. Mildronate is used to treat diabetes, low magnesium, and poor blood flow. On January 1 of this year meldonium, another name for mildronate, was added to the prohibited drug list. Not being a pharmacist, Sharapova did not know the newly added drug was the same as her medical prescription, and a few days after her medical prescription of a decade was declared a prohibited drug, she failed the drug test for the January Australian Open.

I have spoken to drug testers and have been told that it takes more than a few days between the January 1 announcement of meldonium’s prohibition and the January Australian Open for drugs to clear the body. There was nothing Sharapova could have done even if she had known. So what was the response of the authorities? Right, the International Tennis Federation has suspended her, and Nike, Tag Heuer, and Porsche have suspended their contracts with her.

Isn’t this amazing. We have war criminals, torturers, and former bank executives guilty of massive frauds running Western economic and foreign policy free of any accountability for their offenses, but a tennis star’s prescription medicine runs afoul of a newly introduced drug policy, and she is suspended! Is this because she is Russian? Is this part of demonizing Russia and presenting the country in a bad light? Or is it just the senseless mindlessness of the Western world in which only the innocent are punished?

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We have to ask ourselves how it can be that the world’s worse criminals — people responsible for the death and displacement of millions of peoples — occupy high office while a tennis star is disciplined because her medical prescription, legal for a decade, suddenly runs afoul of a new prohibited drug regulation. What kind of a world does the West run?

We all know the answer. Western governments, a collection of criminals, run the world for the “One Percent.”

To tell the truth these days is extremely costly. That is why there are so few of us willing to tell you the truth. 


Also reprinted at OpEdNews

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