The Democrat vs. The Republic Party

By Arlen Grossman                                                                                                                                                      

Published in December 25, 2019

Another thing I don’t understand–besides the weak, narrow scope of the impeachment inquiry–is why the Democrats allow themselves to be so callously dissed by Republicans. I’m referring to the GOP’s (“Grand Old Party”–does that even fit today’s Republican Party?) habit of referring to the Dems as the “Democrat Party” instead of the “Democratic Party.”

It is clearly a term of disparagement, a purposeful slur put forth by Republicans and intended to show disrespect for the Democratic Party. The proper historical name for the party is “Democratic Party.” Republicans must feel some glee using “Democrat” as an adjective, and getting no reaction from Democratic members

The term has been around for a long time, as early as the late Nineteenth Century, but it has never been used as much as Republicans do today. Rush Limbaugh loves to say “Democrat Party.” Fox News commentators use it, as does President Trump.

The Democratic Party should not allow Republicans to get away with this obvious insult. To sit idly by while being dissed by the opposition party is a sign of weakness and cowardice. How can the American people think of the Democratic Party as a strong, powerful political party when they allow Republicans to metaphorically spit on them all the time?

So how can Democrats fight back? Simply by turning the tables on the Republicans and referring to them as the “Republic Party.” They will moan and groan at this obvious epithet, charging that the Democrats are disrespectful. But it is no different than what Republicans do now when they say “Democrat Party.” If Republicans don’t like it, they should use the proper term “Democratic Party” when they refer to the Democratic Party. They probably won’t, but by repeatedly using the “Republic” adjective, the Democrats will show they are not the passive doormats the Republicans think they are.

Get that, Republicans. You are now the “Republic Party.” Deal with it.

Arlen Grossman, of course, is TheBigPictureReport editor
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