Media Bias, A Chart

Have fun with this….and see if you agree or disagree…..chart

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2 Responses to Media Bias, A Chart

  1. Smith Colin says:

    Not Avery good assessment. Probably because Americans’ idea of the political centre is so at odds with the rest of the world. CNN, for instance, should e way to the right in terms of bias. It is hardly true to call it Liberal. The MSM is almost entirely beholden to the Military, Congressional, Academic, Industrial, Financial, and Corporate Complex. Comparing it with stations such as RT, which Americans fail to understand, given their very narrow view of the spectrum, shows how much CNN deliberately conceals from the viewing public, rendering them easily manipulated, regimented, programmes and biased. As a friend discovered, if you watch CNN you will miss so much information that undermines the Complex mentioned above. A European chart, with it’s rich history of socialist movements, a real free press, would be more revealing.

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