Too Many Gullible Americans

by Arlen Grossman

I worry about this country. A lot. And I believe with good reason. 

A USA Today/Suffolk poll released yesterday indicated that half of America shares Donald Trump’s view that Robert Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt.” To be sure, the poll question was flawed: “President Trump has called the Special Counsel’s investigation a ‘witch hunt’ and said he’s been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics. Do you agree?” (two questions in one),

Still, it is clear a large number of Americans have been swayed by Trump’s obsession with attacking Mueller’s probe and calling it a “witch hunt.” By constantly complaining about Mueller’s investigation, Trump has convinced millions of Americans that the investigation is biased against him. In another era, nearly all Americans would support Mueller (one of the most trusted, squeeky-clean, respected people in Washington), but in a divided America, Trump has apparently, with his withering attacks, seeded plenty of doubt about Mueller and the Russian probe.

This, combined with his consistent 40-45% approval rating as president, is scary. If many Americans can’t figure out that Trump is basically out of his mind and very dangerous, what does this tell us about the intelligence and gullibility of a large segment of our population? It tells me that he has pulled the wool over the eyes and brains of a great number of Americans.

In a previous post, How the Media Serve Trump, I explained how the corporate media serves Trump by constantly covering everything he rants about, and rarely presenting an opposition rebuttal. This bodes badly for the future of this country and indicates how susceptible Americans are to a persuasive potential dictator. 

Democracy is not as safe as Americans think it is.


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  1. ragnarsbhut says:

    Mark Dice deals with a lot of these people.

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