Saving the World


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  1. says:

    P.S. For all you like to put down Christian churches,

    if you look into Central America in those years,

    they were the only ones standing against the torture and murder

    of all the people that got disappeared.

    The Catholic church paid a heavy price

    in the numbers of Priests and Nuns

    who were Just added to the pile of cut up bodies

    just for speaking up against the tortures and murders from the pulpit.

  2. says:

    Yep Dave:

    Same old yesterday’s Hash served up every year since before you and I were born. Too many to count really.

    Too many rebranded great banks like the World Bank and Bank of Chicago paying bank earnings to acquire lands and businesses in foreign countries

    Mostly in South and Central America but plenty of other places in Africa too.

    Same with the Oil Companies.

    When they did too much dirt in faraway places,

    they just changed their name

    so our Congress would not have to admit they were backing dictators

    That were ruling the world from corporate offices and Wall Street Board Rooms.

    Nobody has ever really wanted to look the military industrial establishment right in the eyes

    over this stuff.

    Everybody want to believe that the MIL EST is only the guns and bombs people.

    Nobody wants to think about what it means that the same people who loaned them money to

    Buy a house in 1955 were funding Batista or that the Bank that loaned you money to buy your house in 1973 used that money to assassinate Salvador Allende and install Pinochet as dictator for life.

    Nobody who started any military actions from the seat of our Congress ever did so without the approvals and

    Requests of our biggest banks and Oil companies. The millions of people killed in South America simply because our own government wouldn’t step in and put a leash on Texaco in Venezuela is abominable.

    Funny how all these things have been working out since Hiroshima

    On the other hand, look at the sacrifices Americans have made by letting Congress borrow many generations of taxes ahead

    so that all of Big Business in America

    could break the backs of Unions

    simply by tying all business to the

    Guns and bombs industry

    so that they could look like they were doing a better job of keeping up with inflation than the Unions.

    That sure did work out for them!.


  3. In order to save the village, we had to kill everyone.

    Elliott Abrams is back in power working for Trump and Bolton to amplify the misery in South America to the point where all populations consisting of the poor and the powerless will want to flee northward for their lives.

    Remind me how that is a good thing? Oh, yeah, it’s not, unless the ultimate goal is theft of natural resources and a flood of under market priced migrant labor.

    Someone has hit the REWIND button back to the Reagan years and the horrors that it generated.

    Will you have one or two lumps of Contras in your coffee?

  4. says:

    There have been a couple hundred minor to major USA military police plus type actions that the USA has engaged in Since the end of WWII,

    with between one third and one half that were

    responses to invasion by the USSR into third world countries that nobody knew the names of.

    Now I wonder if we ever went into any country for good and honorable reasons

    because all the ones that were NOT a response to aggression from the USSR and the PRCC

    look like we were either to help US BIG OIL corporations or USA BIG BANK corporations

    to conquer tiny countries that were big enough that the Banks and Oil companies

    couldn’t just push around with all of the mercenary paramilitary armies they were already paying for.

    Almost NONE of the countries that we went into on behalf of Big Banks and Big Oil

    Did not already have thousands of Mercs and paramilitary personnel

    Which were owned by those huge corporations

    and they had already slaughtered lots of people before our military got there

    and our Congress often just thought it would be more merciful to the remaining population

    if we sent in our military instead of letting the Bank owned and Oil owned Soldiers of Fortune

    destroy those countries’ infrastructure.

    Many times Our Congress was right

    and our military turned out to be much more merciful than the Bank owned paramilitaries.

    Read the exploits of all those paramilitary groups in a few Soldier of Fortune magazines going back to 1950 if you don’t believe me. The private armies have always been the worst and nobody in the world has ever put a leash on the Banks and Oil Companies.


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