Letter to Editor, Monterey Herald, June14

If collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is proven, wouldn’t that mean the 2016 presidential election was essentially stolen? If so, a new election would be warranted. A fraudulent election should not stand. We need an independent commission figuring out how to implement a new presidential election if the last one is shown to be rigged. Otherwise, there will be a lot of Americans, perhaps a majority, who rightfully would not accept Donald Trump (or Mike Pence) as their legitimate president.

Arlen Grossman


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3 Responses to ELECTION DO-OVER

  1. List of X says:

    I think there’s a difference between not voting for a candidate and believing the elected candidate is illegitimate. Personally, unless we have a beyond-reasonable-doubt proof that the Russians actually physically changed the vote tallies by hacking the voting machines, there is not enough basis to re-do the election. There could be enough reasons for resignation, but I doubt Trump will resign on his own.

  2. Michael Manlin says:

    Given the simple fact that Hillary won the popular vote by a significant margin, there already are a significant number of Americans who do not accept the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

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