Hillary House Cleaning

By Dave/ Reprinted by special request from edray/ October 28, 206


There is a lot of house cleaning that the first Woman president must do on her first week.


Accept the resignations of all Bush era Republican US Attorneys that serve at the pleasure of the President.  

Idiot Obama left them there to infest the entire department AND eventually use their influence 

to become federal judge members of the Federalist Society.  

As a result, 

NO Wall Street criminals were indicted for the worldwide depression that resulted 

from the most massive financial fraud in recorded history.  

Non-dinosaur judges are in short supply 

due to the Republican multi-decade plan to rid the Judiciary of all “Librulz”.


Replace FBI Director Comey.  

Adding one’s personal comments to closed cases 

during a presidential campaign 

is unprofessional and actionable.  

Sending letters exclusively to the Republicans in congress 

who are running the witch hunts 

which sound like Trump Tweets 

right before an election 

that contain no facts but enough smoke to run a volcano 

is downright rat fucking, 

a specialty of the Republican bile machine.


That will do for the first hour in office.


For all of those who say that house cleaning is “women’s work”, 

hopefully you will see some badly needed cleaning where it really counts.






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