by Arlen Grossman

There are at least two ways in which the corporate media is neglecting to warn the American public about impending disasters:

1) Despite a constant barrage of unprecedented climate catastrophes: tornados, flooding, heat waves, wildfires, etc., the media seldom connects these occurrences with global warming. Thus, these weather disasters proliferate, the public fails to understand the causes, and our government does little to solve the climate change problem.

2) Despite increased incidences of terrorist attacks on the west, and heightened fear about such from the public, the media fails to connect increasing American and Western military involvement in Muslim countries around the world with the rise of terrorism.That we could reduce the hatred and anger of Muslims by lessening our war-making in their part of the world is a lesson lost on the news media. So the unending cycle of violence continues.

We are not being served well by a media that is supposed to inform and serve us. In fact, we are being served very poorly.


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