The Graveyard of the Elites

by Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ February 28, 2016

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4 Responses to DEMOCRACY IS DEAD

  1. Fritz von Mueller says:

    Wonderful article, wonderful webpage. Reading this over here in good old Germany, in good old Europe, I can absolutely asure you that things are one hundred per cent the same here. German media is full of a totally contorted version of truth, German politics too, industry and big money rule everything, and exactly the same can be said about the European institutions. But the most sickening thing of it all is, that, just by posting this here, some database is recording my IP address, just in case. We have long reached 1984, the Brave New World, the Animal Farm. And most people are so brain-washed, they do not realise it. Keep up the good work. But it won’t change a thing.

  2. Yes, Hal, it’s true that the Republicans are much worse, but at the same time it is accurate to point out that the Democrats are a corporate-controlled party, too.

  3. Thanks Arlen. Good post. Hedges’s critique of the political economy as corporate nirvana is spot on. But much as I decry the failure of mainstream Democrats to take on the power structure, I do not share his view that there is a moral equivalency between the Democrats and Republicans.

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