Dorothy Begins to Get It

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2 Responses to Dorothy Begins to Get It

  1. Mike Colyar says:

    If abrahamic religion followers spent a tiny fraction of the time that they have occupied themselves in killing each other over points of disagreement, in actually thinking, things would be a lot better generally.

    The alternative universe on display most of the time is that of believing that there is anything outside of nature. This is all there is, toots. Get comfortable with it.

    Quit looking for The Meaning of Life. There isn’t any. Try empathy.

    A happy and moral atheist.

  2. This is yet another example of an atheist argument whose source is an alternative universe; this time a fairy tale called the Wizard of Oz.

    The Western Heritage, which includes Judeo-Christianity, is based on nearly 3000 years of reason and wisdom, all learned at the Global School of Hard Knocks.

    That atheists must address reason with fantasy proves that atheism suffers from the very malady that it complains about: looking at reality through fairy tale and fantasy colored lenses.

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