Plenty of Those Around

BPR Quote of the Day:1185354_1403423283209479_1686785885_n

BPR Editor’s Note: I love this poster, but the quote is actually from Voltaire, not Oscar Wilde.

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2 Responses to Plenty of Those Around

  1. Thanks for the clarification, Colin. I always give credit to the person who said the quote first. By the way, if you like quotes, check out my web site.

  2. Colin Smith says:

    You’re both right and wrong. Voltaire said it first. Oscar Wilde also said it. I suspect he stole it from Voltaire, since the wording is identical, albeit that Voltaire wrote in French. If Wilde translated it he could have been fairly confident of getting away with claiming it, since there were n’t the pedants around there are today. Like me, I suppose.

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