On Hiatus

The Big Picture Report is taking an indefinite leave of absence in order for the editor (me) to devote more time to several other projects. A big Thank You to all who have been reading the BPR blog. I expect The Big Picture Report to be back, and will make sure you know it when that happens.

Thanks again, 


(PoliTalk Sunday, 10-11am PT, on KRXA540AM radio will continue. Info on that here.) 


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2 Responses to On Hiatus

  1. Connie Kane says:

    Thank you Arlen, for all you’ve done for us. Showing me things I wouldn’t have known if not for you! Best Wishes, Connie Kane

    Sent from Connie’s iPad

  2. List of X says:

    I am sorry to hear that, but good luck with your projects!

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