Paying American Workers: THEN and NOW

Early 20th Century:

Henry ford

Early 21st Century:


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3 Responses to Paying American Workers: THEN and NOW

  1. Cutting costs by paying people a wage which is below market value is, in my experience, a great way to make a mess of your business. If you don’t treat your employees with the respect they deserve, you can’t expect them to take pride in their jobs.

  2. mhasegawa says:

    I read (or saw) somewhere a story about a factory owner who needed skilled workers. He was complaining that he couldn’t find many and those who came to work for him didn’t stay long. He started them at minimum wage and they would go up to $10 an hour!!! For a person who had to go to technical school first for training! He said he was competing with McDonald’s. Duh. Pay people more and give them health insurance.

    • I agree. Unfortunately workers have little clout or leverage because so many jobs have been outsourced overseas and unions have been weakened. If we can turn those things around by legislation and public pressure workers would be in a better position to demand a living wage.

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