Tax the Rich

An animated video, narrated by Ed Asner, from the California Federation of Teachers

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1 Response to Tax the Rich

  1. From the standpoint of taxes, I think earned income and capital gains should be taxed at the same rate, 25%, excluding the poor and most of the middle class. Wealthy people derive much of their income through capital gains, not a salary. So, if it can be explained logically, why should someone who labors for a living pay taxes on their income and someone who gets money from capital gains does not pay much, if anything, in taxes on that? I would allow a tax-free cap, so if you earn a certain dollar amount or less, you pay nothing. Assuming you made a certain dollar amount over a specified threshold, you pay 25%. For Progressives who talk about income disparities, their only solution is to call for high taxes on the rich.

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