Intervention Needed

Origin Unknown
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5 Responses to Intervention Needed

  1. I love Kool Aid but I’m tired of drinking it out of a right wing cup 😉

  2. LYNDA says:

    Arlen – seriously – don’t insult us Hippies! We’re all very proud that we got “on the bus” and drank the Kool-Aid. We changed American for the better. So please do NOT blame our special Kool-Aid for the idiocy of the repups/repukes.

    We Hippies know that our special Kool-Aid expands one’s mind, and changes our lives for the better. ( ‘-‘ )

  3. LYNDA says:

    Seriously – please do NOT blame the idiocy of the repukes on our very special Kool-Aid! We hippies know our Kool-Aid expands one’s mind and makes us think more clearly and care more for everyone and everything.

    The repukes do not care for anyone or anything but themselves and their money. Please do NOT blame Kool-Aid for their selfish, crude, rude, and awful behavior. Thanks.

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