Either Way, People Die

BPR Quote of the Day

“‘Terrorism’ is what we call the violence of the weak, and we condemn it;  ‘war’ is what we call the violence of the strong, and we glorify it.”  

Sydney J. Harris (1917-1986, American journalist and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily News

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2 Responses to Either Way, People Die

  1. Thanks, Donaldson, I appreciate that. Finding quotations is a natural for me, as I have been writing a quotation quiz for the local paper for more than five years now, and run across a lot of good ones. If you haven’t seen my quizzes, you can go to http://quotationquotient.com/

  2. Donaldson Bueler says:

    Arlen. you certainly do find apropos items to post about. (I know, I know – sentence structure is TERRIBLE) , but your post certainly is NOT. 🙂

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